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Hey readers, are you trying to login Big Mumbai game, you came at right place, here I will give you step by step process that you can register Big Mumbai Game and also you can download Big Mumbai app very easily. Keep following my blog you can do very easily.

Big Mumbai game Login

To generate passive income at your free time, then you came at right place. In this blog post i will be sharing with you the most trending Colour prediction game appBIG MUMBAI” which is currently in trending mode, if you are new in colour prediction game then, not to worry, here i will give you complete details on Big Mumbai color game, how it works and how to play, how to win most from this game.

Big Mumbai Login

To login Big Mumbai Game you need to click on our app registration link, where you can submit your either mobile number or email id with our referral code automatically added at the bottom of registration page. Make sure you have enter valid password, without using “@” or “*” sign. This may create error, so avoid using this.

Here I have attached a registration page overview how to register in Big Mumbai app and how to “login Big Mumbai, just follow the steps and you can do yourself.

Here it is

Big Mumbai App Registration Process

Big Mumbai Login

Download Big Mumbai

To download Big Mumbai app, you need to register first, once you register in app, then you download Big Mumbai apk file from app dashboard. If you follow our last step, now you can login in app, after login you can see the app download option available at top right corner, shown in below image, please check if you have confusion

Download Big Mumbai
Download Big Mumbai

I will give you brief details of color game winning strategy as well as my official colour game prediction telegram link and video support where you can learn how to earn daily 1000 to 5000 in this colour app.

Colour prediction game

What is Colour Prediction Game

Colour prediction game is a lottery game where you can bet on either colour or big small. In color game big refers for 5,6,7,8,9 and small refer 0,1,2,3,4. In colour there are two condition to bet each time, it may be every 1 min wingo game or 2 min, 3 min or so on. Mainly people bet on 1 min wingo game, where every 1 min there result come, but before 5 second we have to bet, last 5 second for result declaration time, on that duration individual not allowed to bet.

Red Green Colour Game Betting Basics

In colour prediction game, there are two colour, red or green. If I bet 100 rs. on red and if result come red then i will get 200 rs. means 100% profit. There is a some % cut for tax or commission which is very minimum.

One important thing you have to know, that is violet colour, sometimes violet colour comes with your target colour, if so then your winning amount cut by 50%, but don’t worry on this as it comes rarely.

Red Green Colour Game Betting Basics

Big Small Colour Game Basics

In this game you can bet on Big Small instead of betting red green, here benefit is there is always 100% winning amount, as here no violet colour no any resistances to cut your winning amount. If you bet on big and if it come then you will get double amount.

big small game

How Colour Prediction Game Works

Colour game works in auto mode. The app is designed in such a way that owner never get loss, because app will show that result only where betting amount is low. But it does not mean that you get loss each time, I am earning daily 2000 to 5000 rupees, which i will discuss here and if any one having doubt can watch out my videos.

How To play Colour Prediction Game

Everyone know how to play colour prediction game, but losing money because lack of proper knowledge. Colour game follows some pattern to engaged audiences for long run purpose. If you learn that patterns then you can earn daily instead of losing money. Here I will tell you how to play game in video as well as text format too.

if game follows red red green green then you might be thinking next result is red, but my friends its wrong because everyone thinking this you have to play other one green. Because you only win when you stay at minimum weightage site, means lower betting site always win. Please check below winning streak which you to follow always to win daily

Colour game winning streak

red red green green green (hit pattern)

red green green red green green

green red red green red red

green red red red green red red red

red green red green red green

red red red small small red (hit pattern)

green green green green red red red green (hit pattern)-check below image same patter

green green red green green red green green red

green green green green red red red green

Big Small Color game winning streak

Big Big Big Big Small Small Small Big

Small Small Small Big Big Small

Big Big Small Small Small

Small Big Big Small Big Big

Big Small Big Small

Big Small Big Small
Big Big Small Small Small

How To Register or Log in Colour Prediction Game

To register in colour prediction game you need to get any colour game referral link, without invitation link one can not register colour prediction game. After getting referral link you have to sign up in app in web version with your mobile number or email account. During registration please make sure your password format is Password123

After registration please download the app for daily uses.

Big Mumbai Colour Prediction Game

Big Mumbai is a Colour prediction game, where you can earn daily by playing or predicting in colours and Big or Small. If you predict Green colour and if the result is green instead of red then you will be the winner. Same case happen in case of Big Small. Different is in big small game you will get 100 rs. if you invest 100 but in case of red green it depends on your luck it can be same as big small or not, condition is violet colour. If violet comes with your predicted colour then your profit will be 50%, instead of 100%.

Big Mumbai Game

Big Mumbai Game Invitation Code 3245812045

Big Mumbai game: In the realm of online gaming, Big Mumbai colour game emerges as a popular platform for color prediction games, offering users an entertaining avenue to earn money by predicting colors or Big Small accurately. If you bet on either Big or Small and if result is same then better get double amount, means if you bet 100 you will get extra 100.

Big Mumbai colour game
App NameBig Mumbai
App LinkRegister Big Mumbai
Invitation Code3245812045
Telegram Prediction GroupJoin Now Telegram

1. Downloading the Big Mumbai App: Your Gateway to Fun and Earnings

Embrace the excitement by downloading the Big Mumbai app on your smartphone. Gain access to the main color guessing game and an array of other prediction-based games that promise thrilling moments and cash rewards.

Color Prediction Game

2. Easy Sign-Up with Referral Code: A Quick Start to Rewards

Signing up is a breeze with Big Mumbai’s user-friendly interface. Utilize the provided referral code during account creation to kickstart your journey with bonuses and rewards, giving you a competitive edge from the start.

Big Mumbai Game Link

3. Effortless Color Prediction: A Few Taps to Monetary Gains

Big Mumbai’s app simplifies color prediction games, making it easy and rewarding. With just a few taps, you can engage in predicting colors and start earning money swiftly. Here You can trade on colours to win money.

Color Prediction

4. Diving into the Big Mumbai Color Prediction Games

Explore a variety of games on Big Mumbai, including Lottery, Mini Game (Aviator), PVC, Fishing, Casino, Wingo, Trx Hash, 5D Lotre, K3 Lotre, Slots, Sports, and more. Each game offers a unique experience, broadening your avenues to boost earnings.

5. Transparency and Fair Gameplay: Trusting Big Mumbai

Despite its recent inception, Big Mumbai prioritizes fair and transparent gameplay. Build trust in the platform, knowing that your participation in these prediction-based games is backed by reliability and honesty.

6. Venture into Online Earning: Big Mumbai’s Promise

For those seeking online earning opportunities, Big Mumbai stands out as an innovative choice. The diverse range of games caters to different preferences, ensuring a promising journey into the world of online income.

7. Promotion Program: Earn as You Invite

Big Mumbai’s promotion program allows you to invite friends and earn money across four different levels. Uncover the straightforward steps to maximize your earnings through direct and team commissions.

8. Clear Insights with Promotion Tab: Tracking Your Earnings

Explore the Promotion tab to gain comprehensive insights into your earnings within the Big Mumbai Game. Track your direct subordinates, team members, invitations, commissions, and more, simplifying your understanding of your income flow.

Big Mumbai Game

9. Lucrative Commission Scheme: A Path to Earning Lakhs

Unlock the potential to earn lakhs through Big Mumbai’s commission scheme. Receive daily commissions, recharge bonuses, and active downline rewards by building and nurturing your team within the platform.

10. Exclusive Invitation Code: Claim Your Gift

Enter the exclusive Big Mumbai Invitation Code – 3245812045 – during registration to receive a gift code worth ₹10 to ₹100, enhancing your initial experience on the platform.

11. Official Website Alert: Stay Informed

Be cautious and only visit the official websites of Big Mumbai –,, Avoid fraudulent websites to ensure a secure gaming experience.

12. Withdrawal Process: Turning Virtual Winnings into Real Cash

Learn the simple steps to withdraw money from Big Mumbai, ensuring a hassle-free process. From adding a bank account to clicking on withdraw, discover the seamless journey to converting your virtual earnings into tangible cash.

13. Customer Support: Round-the-Clock Assistance

Big Mumbai provides 24/4 customer support through live chat. While the Telegram channel is currently unavailable, the live chat feature on the app or website ensures prompt assistance.

Conclusion: Big Mumbai – Where Entertainment Meets Income

In conclusion, Big Mumbai is not just a gaming platform; it’s a gateway to entertainment and online income. Dive into the vibrant world of color prediction games, transparent gameplay, and lucrative earning opportunities.

FAQs: Unveiling More about Big Mumbai

  1. How can I download the Big Mumbai app?
    • Visit the official website or click on the provided button to download the app. Follow the simple registration steps to get started.
  2. What games does Big Mumbai offer?
    • Big Mumbai features a diverse range of games, including Lottery, Mini Game (Aviator), PVC, Fishing, Casino, Wingo, Trx Hash, 5D Lotre, K3 Lotre, Slots, Sports, and more.
  3. How does the promotion program work?
    • The promotion program allows you to invite friends and earn money through direct and team commissions. Check the Promotion tab for detailed insights into your earnings.
  4. What is the withdrawal process on Big Mumbai?
    • Click on Account, select Withdraw, add your bank account details, and click withdraw. The minimum withdrawal amount is 110, and the process usually takes 1-2 hours.
  5. Is Big Mumbai customer support available 24/7?
    • Yes, Big Mumbai offers 24/4 customer support through live chat on the app or website.