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Big Mumbai Game is an online color prediction betting app. It has gained immense popularity in the online color prediction game market, mainly due to its enticing monthly gold offers. Agents who refer this app are earning between 5 lakh to 30 lakh monthly. This claim holds true; you can verify it by observing the wallet balance of approximately 4 lakh earned in one month. You can also commence earning by joining our Big Mumbai Game Telegram group.

Game NameBig Mumbai Game
Agent ID12045
Invitation Code3245812045
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Big Mumbai Game
Big Mumbai Telegram Group

Big Mumbai Game-My Daily Earning

Here you can see my daily Big Mumbai Game earnings from my team members. If you have team members in your telegram group then you can earn daily 10,000 to 20,000 very easily, like I am doing. Here can check out my yesterday( dated 28-02-2024) performance.

 daily Big Mumbai Game earnings

How Much I earn From Big Mumbai Game in Last four month

I have started promoting Big Mumbai game from November 2023 and now its Feb’2024, in last 4 month I have generated more than 10 Lakh from my team members betting. All my team members are added into my Big Mumbai Telegram group for daily benefits and I do live sessions for maximize their profit. I discuss with my team everyday using live chat in group to solve their issues related to any query raised by my team members.

How Much I earn From Big Mumbai Game in Last four month

Agent Invitation Referral Code-3245812045

If You Join with Our agent link you will get 100% support from my team. Just join our telegram and discuss your problem. If any issues come from your team we will help you. Everyone must be aware how pain it is if any recharges takes delay to show in wallet. We have strong team to support you.

Game NameBig Mumbai Game
Agent ID12045
Invitation Code3245812045
App registration LinkClick Here
Telegram Group LinkClick Here

Big Mumbai Game Login-Registration in Big Mumbai

Creating UID or ID in Big Mumbai is not a big task, you need few things to submit registration form. If you have fresh mobile or email id you can easily register in Big Mumbai game. Registration form is very simple and user friendly, but two things you always need to remember before clicking on register button.

  • Your password should not be any special characters, like @, * etc.
  • Don’t forget to select once in agree option means tick mark you have to select. Please always forget to click on tick mark.
Big Mumbai Game Login

How To Login Big Mumbai Game

After registration now you are ready to login Big Mumbai, its simple and easy task. You need your registered mobile number and password before you login Big Mumbai Game.

How To Login Big Mumbai Game

Download Big Mumbai Game app

After login Big Mumbai Game now you are ready to “download Big Mumbai Game app” betting on website seems little hard and not easy to use. Hence better download Big Mumbai game app and use frequently. Here I am sharing image for your help. Just login website and download apk file.

Download Big Mumbai Game app
Download Big Mumbai Game app

Big Mumbai Colour Prediction Hack 2024

In our Telegram group with over 5000 members, we celebrate 100 wins every day! Our experienced team of admins is here to guide you, ensuring you win without any losses. Join our group and let’s have fun predicting colors with our Big Mumbai Color Prediction Hack 2024. Our admins are knowledgeable and help everyone win big every day. It’s easy and exciting – come be a part of our community where winning is the norm!

Big Mumbai Colour Prediction Hack 2024

What is Big Mumbai?

Big Mumbai is a color prediction game where you can earn daily by playing and predicting colors, as well as guessing whether the outcome will be Big or Small. If you predict the color green and the result is indeed green instead of red, you win. The same principle applies to the Big Small game. However, in the Big Small game, if you invest 100 Rs., you receive a return of 100 Rs. In the case of predicting red or green, your return depends on luck and may or may not match the return in the Big Small game. A condition for a reduced return is if the violet color appears alongside your predicted color, in which case your profit will be 50% instead of 100%. You can watch our YouTube video at the end of this page.

How To Register in Big Mumbai Colour Prediction Game

To register in Big Mumbai game there are two method, either you can click on register link or you can directly download the app and manually submit our referral code, without referral code you can not register Big Mumbai game in your mobile. This type of online game completely work in referral system, means chain system. If you want to join Big Daddy game then you can do big daddy game login, just click here and login big daddy account.

Quick and easy way to register BIG MUMBAI Colour prediction game: Click below link and register your mobile number. At the time of creating your account you have to follow below instruction.

1.Do not use zero before your 10 digit mobile number.

2. Do not use @ or any other symbol on your password. simple you can use Yourname123

Here Two Method of Register Big Mumbai Colour Prediction Game

1. Through Link:

2. Download app 

referral code=3245812045

What is Big Small Prediction

In the color prediction game, ‘Big Small‘ is very popular for betting due to the double reward it offers. In the ‘Wingo’ game, there are four possible trade options for individuals to bet on: ‘Big Small,’ ‘Red Green,’ ‘Numbers,’ and

‘Violet Colors.’ Each trade option in the ‘Wingo’ game carries a different reward. ‘Big Small’ allows players to bet on either one or both options during the same period. However, in terms of legal gaming experience, it’s generally not allowed to bet on both options (Big and Small) within the same period.

Big Small Prediction Game

In the Big Mumbai Color Prediction game, we distribute over 100 daily wins among our Telegram group members. These predictions can assist you in earning anywhere from 1000 to 1 lakh daily. Experienced players within the group consistently earn substantial amounts through Big Small predictions. We notify the group at least 10 minutes before each game starts to ensure everyone has ample time to place their bets. Participants place their bets and subsequently win based on the specified period. These statements are entirely accurate. You’re welcome to join our Big Small prediction group to verify the results and daily winnings.

What is Big Small in Colour Prediction Game

In the color prediction game, there are three ways to place a bet: red-green, big-small, and numbers. Participants can place bets in each aspect according to their available budget. Let me outline the winning rewards for each aspect.

You’ll receive a 100% return on bets placed on red-green and big-small outcomes, while the reward for numbers is five times the betting amount. If your predicted numbers win, you’ll receive five times your betting amount. Please refer to the images below for a clearer view.

Big Mumbai Group Member Say About us

Big Mumbai Colour Prediction Telegram app Group

“If you’re unfamiliar with this game, you can still earn daily by following our group. Simply join our Telegram prediction group and follow the advice of our group admin (manager) on which bets to place. Each time (4 times/day), you’re guaranteed to win 20 bets. This is where your test begins – it gauges your skill and capital management abilities. A prudent investor always considers their investment amount carefully. Our suggestion is to simply follow our predictions, and you can easily earn between 1000 to 1 lakh daily, depending on how much you’re willing to add to your wallet. Below, you can see some of our recent predictions and success rates, with almost a 90% success rate in predictions shared within our group.”

  • First Game-11.30AM
  • Second Game-2 PM
  • Third Game-6 PM
  • Last Game-7.30 PM

Because we have experienced in this game and We had recently achieved Gold Award From Big Mumbai best agent among 1000 of agents. So we can guide you best, no one can do.

Big Mumbai Agent Monthly Gold Award & Bonuses

All the colour prediction game offering exciting award programmes for agents. This can be weekly or monthly. Like 91 club & Big daddy game here also same offers introduced by Big Mumbai to attract maximum users towards the game. One can get exciting golds as per 3 times recharges in a day. If a agent gives 100 users did 3 recharges a day then that will be count under gold reward. For 100 number of 3 recharge users company gives 35000/- rupees to buy gold coin.

Let me tell you in details, supposed yesterday there are 20 people did 3 times recharge in a single day then that members 20 users will be count in my gold award list. If you get like 200 users in 30 days a month then agent get 1.25 Lakh rupees to buy a gold award.

How To apply for Gold Award in Big Mumbai Game

After month end any time agent can apply for Gold award. Just join official telegram group & claim the bonus by sending Gold image, cash voucher with video prof. After verifying finance team will add the gold award rupees into the wallet, then you can withdraw immediately.

Now my monthly bonus is increasing to 1 Lakh, in November 2023 my first bonus was 10000 but now it increases up to 1 lakh a month. Last month my bonus was 80000/- rupees. This month also coming in Feb’2024 80k/- rupees. Join with us now.

Warning and Privacy Policy for Big Mumbai Gamming App

In the fast-paced world of mobile gaming, Big Mumbai stands out as a unique colour prediction game that offers users the chance to earn daily rewards by predicting colours and playing Big or Small. Before diving into the excitement, it’s crucial to understand the risks involved and the privacy measures in place to protect your information.

Understanding Big Mumbai

Big Mumbai is not just a game; it’s an opportunity to test your luck and skill. Players predict colours, and if the outcome aligns with their choice, they emerge victorious. The game also includes a Big Small variant, where strategic predictions can lead to substantial financial gains.

Significance of a Warning

While gaming can be entertaining, it’s essential to acknowledge the potential financial risks involved. Responsible gaming practices are encouraged, and users should approach the app with a clear understanding of the unpredictability associated with colour predictions.

Crafting the Warning

In the pursuit of fun and rewards, users should be aware that financial outcomes are subject to luck. It’s crucial to set limits, play responsibly, and avoid chasing losses. Remember, gaming should enhance your entertainment, not compromise your financial well-being.

Privacy Policy Overview

Protecting user information is a top priority for Big Mumbai. The privacy policy outlines how data is collected, used, and secured, ensuring transparency and instilling confidence in users.

Crafting the Privacy Policy

By using Big Mumbai, users consent to the collection and use of their data. Stringent security measures are in place to safeguard information, and regular updates and communications ensure users stay informed about privacy practices.

User Education

To assist users in navigating the gaming experience, a YouTube video is available at the end of this page. It provides insights into the game mechanics and offers valuable tips for responsible gaming, setting realistic expectations, and enjoying the experience.

Transparency and Fair Play

Big Mumbai prides itself on fair play. The outcomes of the game are determined without bias, and the introduction of the violet colour adds an exciting twist while maintaining fairness and equality among players.

Building Trust

Transparency is the foundation of trust. Big Mumbai is committed to providing a secure and enjoyable environment for users, establishing credibility through clear communication and a dedication to user satisfaction.

Legal Compliance

To ensure a safe and compliant gaming experience, Big Mumbai adheres to gaming regulations. Non-compliance may result in consequences, emphasizing the seriousness of maintaining a fair and responsible gaming platform.


What is Big Mumbai, and how does it work?

Big Mumbai is a colour prediction game where users predict colours to earn daily rewards. The game includes a Big Small variant for additional gaming excitement.

How can users minimize risks while playing?

To minimize risks, users are encouraged to set limits, play responsibly, and avoid chasing losses. Responsible gaming practices enhance the overall gaming experience.

What security measures are in place to protect user data?

Big Mumbai implements stringent security measures to protect user data, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind for players.

How is the gaming app complying with legal requirements?

Big Mumbai is committed to legal compliance, adhering to gaming regulations to provide a safe and secure gaming platform.

Where can users find additional resources and support?

For additional resources and support, users can refer to the YouTube video at the end of the page and reach out to customer support for assistance.


In the world of gaming, a short warning and a comprehensive privacy policy are the pillars of a responsible and enjoyable experience. Big Mumbai invites users to embrace the excitement responsibly, setting the stage for a thrilling and secure gaming adventure.